Happy 4th of July Pheasant Families:
We all know that we are in flexible, inconsistent times with Covid19 and how to reopen school facilities. 
I'd like to give a few messages to the community on where the Parker School District is at this moment in time.  
The Parker School District is currently moving to Phase 2 in our activities phases, we are going to use a hybrid of Phase 2/3 simply because we have some coaches that would like to participate in some team camps if they can gain interest.  These events are completely voluntary for student athletes, please review the risks with your family before deciding to participate in the camps.  The Phase 2/3 ReOpen Plan is currently posted on our website.The Parker School District is currently developing a plan to Return to Learn in the fall for the 2020-2021 school year.  The committee consists of administration, department of health, teachers, school board member, parents of Parker students, and community members.  We will be developing ou…

2020 School Year Preparation

Families of Parker:
As the Parker School District begins planning for the opening of the school year in Parker, we will want to keep everyone informed.  We will be utilizing this blog as a means to post information, videos, and websites to reference as we work through opening school in the fall.
For now a few things for you all, The Parker School District: fully expects to start on time, with the first day being August 26, 2020.  will start the school year with mitigation strategies in place for students, staff, and the community.  Some of which, but not all, will be - controlled access to facilities, hand washing protocols, social distance, screening for illnesses, voluntary PPE, anticipates the possibility of remote learning at some point.  Those decisions will be made during the school year as we monitor positive cases of Covid 19 in our county, community, and/or school.Please keep yourselves up to date with school news by utilizing this website, as well as social media platforms, and…