The Parker School Board accepted/awarded the bid for our new additions to Fiegen Construction on May 10, 2021.  The general contractor will now meet with us the week of May 17th to develop construction timelines on our new elementary school, and renovation of the current elementary school to house our junior high and high school students.  We will continue to update you on our progress.  #parkerpride

New Building Project

 The Parker School District is proud to announce that we are in the beginning stages of a large building project for our school.  We are currently working on the first phase of our building plans that includes a new elementary school.  In the coming weeks we will be placing our first designs on the school website, and we will be starting a routine video blog to show the progress we are making.  Please stay tuned for details in the near future......

Masks Required @ Public Events

 Reminder to all attendees for our Parker School District public events.    Please respect our school district procedures, community attendees, and our visitors at these events by wearing masks/face coverings.  Reminder that our athletic events require the use of mask/face coverings while attending.     Thank you.

School Dismissal January 14

 2:00 pm early dismissal on January 14, 2021.    All activities/practices cancelled.

Happy New Year

Wishing all the Parker Pheasants a great entrance into the new year.  Look forward to seeing you all on January 4th, 2021!!  
  Pheasant Fans:    Personal message    from Dr. Donavan G. DeBoer      I am personally excited for the upcoming State Volleyball Tournament.   As the superintendent of our school district, seeing our student athletes perform at state tournaments never get old.   I am proud of our team and the work that our ladies and our coaches have put in to perform in Watertown.   And I am so thankful for them allowing us as fans to come along for the ride.      Our players have not only had to put efforts in the classroom and on the court, but they have all had to sacrifice personal time to stay safe and healthy due to the coronavirus.   FANS!!!   We need to do the same.   Please set the example in Watertown.   Cheer loud, cheer proud, be respectful.   Please follow mask protocols and social distance protocols so when we come back to our community, we keep everyone healthy and safe.        Coaches, students, athletes – when you are in the public eye you represent yourselves, your teams
 SoDak16 game vs. Baltic tonight 7:00 pm   Winner goes to the 2020 State A Volleyball Tournament   Masks Required!!